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|S.Y.L.| |Magic: The Strategy|
Tips and tactics for the "monetarily challenged."

A good strategy? Easy, just play your Mox Sapphire and Underground Sea, Time Walk, drop that Library of Alexandria to play your Forcefield, and... well, let's face it, not everyone can afford a Lotus, Shivan, or even multiple Ice Age Icy Manipulators. So do we give up? Do we throw up our hands and go back to chess? No. We find our own way, make do with what we have. "In the Army, we play more Magic before 9:00 A.M. than most people play all day!"


Common 5AMV
|Terror by Ron Spencer| B
Common 5AMV
|Llanowar Elves by Anson Maddocks| GR |Ironclaw Orcs by Anson Maddocks|
Common 5AMV
|Benalish Hero by Douglas Shuler| W
Uncommon 5AMV
|Zephyr Falcon by Heather Hudson| U


Other Magic Sites
Submit a strategy URL that you feel should be linked from here.

Links from the old stand-by: Yahoo. Try crass consumerism, try laughing at creation! Hot wind whipped up as if the weather itself wanted to fight Phyrexians.

See what's new at Wizards of the Coast, the company that started it all. Check out the official Magic page, the Duelists' Convocation, and official card lists. "We offer power to anyone willing to take it. Sadly, few are unburdened enough by their prejudices to accept."
--Cabal surgeon

|Longhorn Firebeast by Glen Angus||Krosan Avenger by D. Alexander Gregory||Cartographer by Donato Giancola||Life Burst by John Avon|

A spiffy paper about MtG probability from Jon Prywes. Find out nifty stats like the chance of drawing one of your 4 Demonic Tutors in your opening hand: 40%, or the amount of land you need in a 60 card deck to have a 50% chance of having 4 by turn 4: 22. Spot one ember beast, attack.
Spot a second, best fall back.
--Dwarven saying

Magic Online
Here's your chance to fine tune and test your potential decks on-line against players from around the world. Excellent interfaces.

Magic League

Miscellaneous Strategy Links

|Infinite| Merlyn's Infinite Combos
|Barton| K. Barton's Constructing the Superior Deck
|Cardfloppers| Cardfloppers
|ForRent| Magic Addicts Killer Decks

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