|G| The Common Green/Red Deck |R|

A simple all-commons deck (the classic red/green weenie with a splash of direct damage):

4 Mtenda Lion
Hit them fast, hit them quick. Who cares if this dies to a blocker if you only spent one mana on it.
4 River Boa
And people used to think Drudges were cool. Boas will eat just about any early critter for lunch.
4 Brassclaw Orcs or 4 Phyrexian War Beast
Weenie deck "heavy" hitters. Cheap enough to get out fast, and will be safe from things like Deserts, Tims, and Tundra Wolves. Three damage for three mana with barely a drawback.
4 Scryb Sprites
Sure they are only 1/1, but they fly. There will be many a time when your opponent will be able to stop only your ground offense.
4 Llanowar Elves
Even if they won't be able to attack late in the game, they will be able to power your finishing Fireball or help you destroy some big nasty.
4 Quirion Elves
Even without land, you can still bolt your way to victory. And does much more damage than a million birds.

4 Incinerate and 4 Guerrilla Tactics
Never use these on your opponent unless you are ready to finish her off. These are some of the most effective ways to kill early and annoying creatures, especially Juggernauts. Combine with a blocked Bear or Lion and you can take down Shivans, not to mention Serras and Sengirs. Giant Growth and Blood Lust are not used because, since there is so much direct damage in this deck, there may well be times when you have no creatures on the board.
4 Fireball
Part of the main direct damage part of this deck. In case the game turns out to be too long for your weenies to win, you still have a good chance of playing a large damage spell. Fireball is a must have, because it has the ability to destroy more than one of your opponent's cards in play (a very valuable feature).
4 Disintegrate or 4 Lava Burst
Disintegrates used to be more important to take out regenerating blockers, but now Incinerates will help. Disintegrate is still valuable against the decks that specialize in pulling things from the graveyard. Otherwise, Lava Burst provides another valuable ability. While many weenie decks cannot take advantage of their opponent's Mana Flare, these red X-spells will.

10 Forest and 10 Mountain
While the 1/3 land ratio is actually too low for many decks, it works fine for this one, especially with the cheap creatures and Elves. Another advantage is that nothing needs more than 1 colored mana to cast.

|G| Sideboard |R|

The sideboard is mostly complete with these 8 cards. Both artifacts and enchantments are accounted for.

4 Tranquility
One of the primary reasons for playing green in a direct damage deck is to be able to destroy enchantments like CoPs.
4 Builder's Bane
If most of your opponents also play with commons, then these aren't as useful, but when you get to the big leagues, artifact destruction becomes much more useful.

|G| Deck Notes |R|

The key to this deck is that it is strong both in the early game and in the late game. Its weakness is during the mid-game, when both players have the mana to play whatever they want, but you are still short of playing a huge direct damage spell. However, it is not uncommon to only need to play a 4 or 5 point damage spell because of the early damage from your creatures. Another key advantage is that everything in this deck (even the extra land to power your X-spells) can be used as offense. Not like a wasted Terror sitting in your hand when playing against a creatureless deck...despite nearly half the deck being able to destroy annoying creatures.

Having two personalities makes this deck more versatile. Howling mine/mana depletion, discard, and spell counters only hurt your direct damage, while the weenie half is mostly unaffected. Likewise, Moat and Abyss decks cannot stop your direct damage by themselves. And certainly not with Meekstones, and Forcefields become only a minor annoyance.

|G| Improvements |R|

Uncommon improvements:
3 Hurricane
If you think Earthquake is too cheesy, just watch Ms. Suitcase's pride in all her flying critters go with the wind. If you're playing against a counterspell deck, Hurricane first before your red-X spells, and watch her wrack her brain trying to decide whether to counter it or not.
3 Pillage
Not nearly as easy to cast as Disenchant or it'll be in every single red deck. But still highly useful anyway.

Retired cards:

4 Kird Ape
Everybody's favorite monkey. Extinct because they were too fit to survive.
4 Lightning Bolt and 4 Chain Lightning
Bolts come and go. Here's hoping they'll be back.
4 Erhnam Djinn
Big damage, quick to cast, and not much of a drawback to mention. You didn't see this guy in all those green decks for nothing.