For the nerd in all of us.
But we hate to admit it, not even after getting bored.


Maybe far too addictive due to its community building / familiar faces aspects, War of Legends. Real time strategy that is real time even when you're not logged in.

Rule a nation at NationStates. The theory and choices are somewhat limited, which is the excuse I'm giving for how my nation is doing, but at least the discussion is sometimes interesting.

Anime. Not your everyday cartoon. From Japan, animation covering everything from warfare philosophy to poignant love stories.

Fight, loot, and experience the java-based MMORPG Runescape. Graphics aren't as good as, say, World of Warcraft, but you can play much longer for free. My stats.

Read and write about everything, or rather Everything2. Vote things up or down, get experience, a remarkable idea to encourage writing. See my original account, before I got banned for writing nonsense, and less active account.

Ask questions, answer questions, vote on answers, get points at Yahoo! Answers. This is how I'm wasting my time.

A few pages from my sketchbook destined for the Louvre (or not).

X-Men, from Marvel Comics. Excellent (usually) story-lines and art not often found on children's TV...but DC's Kingdom Come puts it to shame.

Magic: the Gathering. A card game of wits, strategy, and (because of its brilliant marketing strategy) incredible amounts of consumer dollars.

|Discworld| |RoD|
Discworld and Realms of the Dragon. Two LPMuds: a version of a virtual world built into a computer, where virtual people live their virtual lives, developing their virtual identities.