|Narada Equinox|

David Lanz & Paul Speer

© 1987 Narada Productions, Inc.


1 Eagle's Path 7.00

2 Seguaro 5.13

3 Desert Rain 3.24

4 Sculptures 6.34

5 Canyon Lands 4.40

6 Carlsbad 5.28

7 White Sands 4.15

8 Stormlight 5.00

9 Tawtoma 4.45

All selections David Lanz, Nara Music (BMI) except Sculptures and Stormlight, Paul Speer, Nara Music, (BMI)

|Desert Rock|

Desert Vision was inspired by the land of the Southwest and is dedicated to the GREAT SPIRIT of the Native American.

David Lanz: Piano, synthesizers
Paul Speer: Guitars, synthesizers
Neal Speer: Drums
James Reynolds: Sequencer programming, electronic percussion
Deuter: Flutes on Desert Rain, Sculptures and Carlsbad; Tibetan bells on Stormlight
Richard Warner: Bamboo flute on Eagle's Path; C flute on Seguaro; alto sax on Sculptures
Jonn Serrie: Synthesizers on Carlsbad, White Sands and Tawtoma
Steve Allen: Bass guitar on Seguaro and Tawtoma


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