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First stop, visit The Web Counter (a very well-done free service) and The Internet Audit Bureau (a rather slow but more extensive service). If one of these works for you, then you are done. Otherwise, read on.

By now, you have probably seen numerous pages with numbers on them, each counting the number of accesses to themselves, so you wonder how can I put this on my own page? The answer is: it's not as easy as it looks.

First, the server your web page is sitting in has to both be capable of running the software and willing* to let you. The word on running counters on the server in which this page sits says:

Neither web.mit.edu nor www.mit.edu supports CGI scripts from user unless the user thinks this will be for the better good for everyone using the server in which case the request to allow your script has to be mailed to webmasters@mit.edu.

Actually, the counters (like the ones above) that used to be on these pages were running without permission. Because of this, they were very likely to be wrong, but were running nonetheless.

So it's a question of the haves and have-nots. But if you run your own server or have a nice enough administration, then check out a quick guide to using the counter and the most Frequently Asked Questions about the WWW-page Access Counter. You can download the source code as well as other additional information at WWW-page Access Counter.

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Additional work, such as custom number fonts, has been done for the PC at The Counter, where you can download an executable.

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