The ultimate NetScape |NS| or IE |IE| experience, but why not just watch TV?
A collection of various animations extorted from unsuspecting places on the net.
Hit "Reload" to see animations again. Send in a cased joint!

This is one of those pages that is pretty much defunct.
I suggest you check out my much less defunct page: Java.

Testing: |Since 11/13|


Nice text animation from Leon Cho.

Excellent applets, by Will Schenk, Per Reedtz Thomsen, and more from the Java Boutique.

Dethris... amazing work without using image files.

Put Mikael Bonnier's calculator on your page.


GIF Merge, making your own animations.

Pink Floyd.

Animated Fractals.

Computer defeats world chess champion! Deep Blue vs. Kasparov.

INTERcoNnEcTions has an extensive list of GIF animations.

A fine collection at Addicted to Stuff.

Icons & more icons at MicroMovie MiniMultiplex

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