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That silly girl is my girlfriend, N. Tong.

Fuzhou, a city in southeastern China, across the water from Taiwan.

Rochester. Off Lake Ontario in upstate New York. Home of Xerox and Kodak.

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Webster Public High School... how quickly things (and people) change.

MIT. Across the Charles River from Boston. A place of utter frustration and brilliant achievement (not necessarily in that order).

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The largest department on campus, making up approximately a third of all undergraduates...yet does not teach the C programing language.

Papyrus got its start writing an Indianapolis 500 simulation for another company. With the release of the award-winning IndyCar Racing simulation and more, they hit the big time... and was snapped up by Sierra.

Computer music at the Brain Opera project under Professor Tod Machover at the MIT Media Lab.

Microsoft. The largest software corportion in the world, with the flak to prove it. Makers of Cinemania (R.I.P.), Expedia (The Project Formerly Known as Travel), Sidewalk (The Project Formerly Known as Cityscape), FrontPage, and SharePoint.

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