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The Truman Show has overtaken Idolatry for first among my non-C! nodes, leaving Vatican II in third. Will this particular horserace never end?

My first nodeshell challenge: angels find pleasure in work when God is on vacation... waits breathlessly in anticipation

Special thanks to CrAzE for editorial hlep on Do we really take Jesus and his Gospel seriously? and Song of Mary.

After some intensive calculations, I've determined that Intellectual property is theft is second only to Coca-Cola and Guatemala in terms of passion generated. Special thanks to mcc (and PJP of course) for creating such a passionate node title.

Two more nuked nodes: She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits (idea) you may see again someday - about palidromic conversations, and Come and see the downvotes inherent in the system (place) you may see someday under the title every downvote has an upvote lining.

My first node to die an unnatural death, replicated below: Free Will, Bugs, Lessons, The Year of the Snake, and Einstein (person). Interestingly enough, my girlfriend's computer didn't seem to want me to complete it. It remains incomplete.

The Truman Show breaks out of the pack of 7 rep nodes to become my 2nd highest rep non-C! node after idolatry.

Thanks to abiessu for a C! I was afraid might be ignored or hated in those awkward moments between submission and those early reactions.

Thanks to robwicks for a C! on a node I didn't expect to be read again.

Woohoo, first time I've had two nodes appear consecutively in the Cool Archive. Thanks narzos and simonc! Makes me want to node my homework   =]

Thanks to liveforever for a C! on my first ever C!

Joined my first /msggroup - I feel like such an insider - thanks P_I and ideath!

Thanks to ZamZ for a C! on a parallel node to his excellent Sandinistas.

Thanks to Gritchka for a C! on a node about one cool dude.

Thanks to psydereal for a C! on a node encouraging manipulative parents - my poor poor kids (if I ever have any).

Idolatry has passed economics and Vatican II as my highest rep non-C! node.

Thanks to shmOOnkie pOOnks for a C! on an old one - good to know old nodes are still read =)

Thanks to kto9 for a C! on a node in the wilderness. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it...

Thanks to ModernAngel for a C! on a node I thought would be quietly forgotten.

Very interesting why this newest of all nodes should drop so far into negative terroritory without any other negative responses. Lack of context?

Thanks to JerboaKolinowski for a C! that under the circumstances is hardly uplifting. If only we lived it before.

The first death in the E2 family that I've witnessed - Hermetic died yesterday. He had written a suicide note four days ago. I didn't know him, but did he know just how much he would be missed by those who did? Would he have really believed it? How could he have known?

The first time I was borged - it's frustrating not knowing why. A log from E2 Chatterbox Archive:
17:36:32 EDB has swallowed seeya. keep 'em coming!
17:36:18 There's a wide range of US foreign policy which can't all be hated. What particular aspects do you think?
17:35:19 If it's just American principles they are attacking, why is Israel shutting down its missions?
17:34:24 It's not like they'd attack America because they hate every single last molecule here. What is their focus?
17:32:06 I mean there is something about America they don't like. What part?
17:31:21 No, I don't mean that specifically silly =]
17:30:55 Any specific part of America? Or just America in the broadest sense?
17:29:46 "Hit back" implies an initial hit - which is...?
17:27:04 What wrongs do they think were committed?
17:26:14 If we want to prevent this from happening in the future, I think it's more important to figure out the reasons for it. You may stop individuals, but reasons remain.
17:25:16 what is the rhetoric saying?
17:23:04 Anybody have thoughts as to why it happened other than that they were "crazed" or "sadistic"?

Sigh - my newest node is currently the only one at negative rep without real feedback. Is it da polemic tone? (Gotta be da polemic tone.) Guess one can't ride the coattails of a good title, but at least it got me to level 3. =)

Wow, thanks to eldritch for a third C! both from her and on the same node.

Woohoo - my first node with two C!s - thanks JerboaKolinowski and Lometa!

Broke 1000 XP and still level 2. Voting does that.

Happened to find the filled nodeshell "There is despair, Mr. President, in faces you don't see, in the places you don't visit in your shining city." - made me wish I could upvote a node title independently from its content.

Thanks to taschenrechner for a C! that's become my highest rep node in a day - oy.

The first time I left votes go unused and I did it for more than a week. Still trying to recover from vacation...

Thanks to HongPong for my first two C!s in a row... someday I'll run out of firsts - that'll be a first.

Woohoo, thanks to dragoon for my first editor cool.

Thanks to TheBooBooKitty for a C! on a title that I thought was too boring to read.

Here's to the quest for kindred spirits. The first time the same person C!ed two of my nodes. Thanks eldritch!

Witness the addition of (+/-) vote counts to node reputations.

Thanks to alex.tan for a C! that, truth be told, was quite unexpected. ALRIGHT

<sigh> - just found out my family is expecting me to fly home to visit them in NY from 8/3 to 8/12 which means I'm not actually going to be at my first E2 gathering. That's what I get for promising to be in two places at once - unfortunately blood will have to take precedence over strangers I wouldn't recognize if they bit me, no matter how cool they are.

privatization, which had been either first or tied for first since it was written, has finally been surpassed in rep by Oscar Romero at 12... yeah, yeah, I'm properly ashamed that this is as high as it gets.

An E2 gathering here in my own town? I thought these things were only myths. This is going to be strange - I know it.

Thanks to StopTheViolins for a C! that made my day - just goes to show how easy it is to manipulate people through their vanity, even when they know it.

After a recent bout of E2 alternative universe life at level 1 (and no votes) for 3 days, reality returns... something about too many database file handles open.

Finally started using the E2 Scratch Pad and the first time my nodes don't all show up on one page in Everything User Search.

Thanks to flamingweasel for a C! on my first node with wacky formating. Is it da formating? Gotta be da formating.

Witness the introduction of the /msg box on homenodes.

Amazing things done by amazingly motivated people (besides E2 itself) amaze me - just found wonko's E2 Chatterbox Archive. Upvoted to rep 33...

Thanks to legbagede for a C! I thought was going to go unnoticed - have to stop expecting nodes to be read only within their first few minutes of birth.

My second Everything Crash - something about somebody having to hop on a train to fix the database servers.
Node 1051715 at 10:15 utc.
Node 1051716 not finished in time.
Node 1051717 at 16:44 utc.
Problems continued sporadically afterwards.

Vote tagged by jasonm - will E2 wonders never cease?

Thanks to windigo for a very interesting C! first node to set off the Chatterbox and my first C! to reach negative rep.

...Wow, it seems someone went through my nodes and voted almost all of them up. Thanks whoever and wherever you are!

Thanks to qousqous for my 5th C!

My first Everything Crash - by pure chance I didn't notice it until just minutes before E2 came back up after being down for half a day.
Node 1037734 at 05:07 utc.
Node 1037735 not finished in time.
Node 1037736 not finished in time.
Node 1037737 at 14:26 utc.

My second nodeshell rescue turns out to be my first node with negative rep. Thanks to eldritch for my 4th C!

Going through bookmarks for my first votes. (Up, of course.)
25 prole's Reaching a point where you wonder if it's Time to Put Down the Bottle
7 DaVinciLe0's Policy
11 bozon's Schrödinger's cat
24 Hartsock's life

Ouch, it hurts to be naive.

Thanks to nine9 for my third C! Hmm, four write-ups to go... Makes one wonder how long it usually takes before a newbie that had started out wanting to node for content ends up NFN. Reminds me of journalism.

Surprising and unfortunate that it wasn't filled - my first nodeshell rescue.

Thanks to dannye for fixing the capitalization of my node.

Woohoo, thanks to proj2501 for my second C!