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[Perfection without Shadows]

They entered a new world in building 34 as they talked of [The Elf Behind The Fridge|rendering the universe behind themselves]. Fate's party today included [The Mathematician, the Physicist and the Programmer Joke|the elven savior, the blue/white skyknight, and Mathematician the Gray]. They found the [wall of colors]. It was vibrant, but they did not approach it. Instead they watched it from a far and considered [Through a Blue Lens|Candle's messages through the lens of tears]. Fate dribbled. [He put the windows down and drove slow, it was summer and all the summer smells came in.|The ball was taken down the court as the match ended.] [Around nine pm my heart was breaking so I went to bed early to listen to it happen.|She was wild at heart and not so frail.] She liked [social activism|karaoke, social cause/activism]. [well, I was tired of being 24 anyway, so there|The sun was being prepared to rise]. [What's the point of being enlightened if we're all still sheep?|Dreams were being written.]


The wonder was that [even the moon was wrong|even contempt was answered with respect]. Such was [You know when you're sixty-nining with your girlfriend, and she has such a violent orgasm that she just bites down? Well I'm sorry I was speeding, officer, but I really have to get to the hospital.|the experience awarded to each of Us.] We laughed [calmly] in relief. Fate listened. He was not satisfied with [his or her|his current layer of her], and tried instant messenger for Candle. [student suspended for casting a spell|Was it a summoning spell?] [All the while he was talking she was thinking what his whiskers would feel like on the back of her neck|She hoped he would dance]. 2001 - 1991 = 10.


     o           o
     5    x5*   x5*
     M           M
In the beginning, She said, "honey." [she moved so easily all I could think of was sunlight|She called out, "johnjohn" and it was so]. She said he got up earlier than she did. She laughed a twinkling, lilting chuckle. [Who would have thought that this many people loved chili?|The two had been sleeping for many many centuries.] [just give him the damned fish|He appeared to be sick]. [Tips for Ultima Exodus|She asked what He had been doing]. Writing a story.

[One World (Not Three) / Love Is The Seventh Wave]

History reformated again. Another [subjectiverse|song] changed. It dawned upon the audience that history was something to grow out of. The past is something to leave behind. [July 4th|Independence from the world of those who raised you.] It was proven mathematically, but we would have to leave that language for some other day. Fate and Candle spoke on the phone. The trilogy was driving his car. The future was still wide open as far as we were concerned. We would meet back in 865 years from December 2001. [Direct Action]. A portal to a new world. They would be shared.


Fate was playing chess with himself again. Then again, maybe he was recruiting for a new radio station. It was Star 101.5 FM. He offered himself a resignation. The resignation was declined. The audience was convinced, one group at a time with [HotWire]. The queen made a gambit. That was declined as well. He challenged his opponent to come up with his next move for him. [A most unorthodox strategy!] The audience was bewildered. [Prole] saved him again from himself. They greeted one another. She could speak Chinese: "hiiiii".

Fate thought back to her email. It was 6:14 AM. She pretended she was disgusted with him. She was fixing his throat for him. She suggested that he drink water. She pretended she didn't understand, and asked for a status report. "u are awesome / u can drink while typing," she said. Fate asked her for new writing and she wrote it down. She had the last laugh. They hugged each other, from a distance, and continued playing. "What is our first day schedule," she asked. He dubbed them both angels.

She was eating the breated she baked with the seventh daughter. even how many strokes needed is told. 1) call relatives 2) ask for advice 3) ignore advice 4) simle :) 5) play a game 6) write a new list 7) make stuff up ;) (8) be creative and change our minds :) (9) call out each other's names =) (10) OK =] damn so romantic :P run toward each other and call out each other's names.

[He called her].

[the problems that ensue when rent constantly has to be reconfigured because sometimes it's one couple and two single people, sometimes it's two couples and one single person, sometimes it's three couples, and sometimes it's two couples, two]

Fate awoke with [What?|what felt like a sore throat.] He had [When will people realise that SMS/Texting is asynchronous and not synchronous?|been assigning himself] the interface role between the two members of the eternal couple. Candle was once again a little concerned, but she knew [I don't know what the hell this means, but I'm voting it up anyway.|what to do.] She gathered Eden and Teardrop, [Hidden Markov Model|Gandalf and the seventh daughter]. The five put Fate to the test, [thankyou! now why can't everyone else admit that?|with Candle tipping the scales of the vote.] Fate took [vegetables are alive so eating them is WRONG too!|Pestilence in his hand and squeezed.] [well, technically she made them with her hands|Twin eyelashes disappeared into a singularity]. The fan [actually add heart and feet to that list|droned on]. It was [I serve up some pretty good tripe too|time]. [t]. Fate thought she was cute. [*]. [call|Dreamy] helped. Fate wrote hotter. He voted on himself and chose [the love that exists between bessie and me|self-reliance and friendship]. His opponents were no match for [Atari Games] [#].


Eden visited [The Forgotten Books of Eden|the three passions]. They were perfect, [Concerning The Way To Govern Cities Or Principalities Which Lived Under Their Own Laws Before They Were Annexed|each in her own way]. [a conscript is little better than convict|The four schemed] for a better future. Subjective realities would become [The hope that one of us would learn to swim|commonly shared objective ones]. [We left our dead where they lay, and the sand preserved them|They came together, closer to where they started], chasing after them. They came together, taken by [one brief moment of bliss|a moment, a moment there with one another]. [all they wanted was to be free|They wanted laptops].
    o                 Headlight
    x                    -o-
  o   o                -------
                 Ring  o-----o  Opening

a car with a single light
drove up to the crossroads
a ring opened up a portal
the car drove through


Fate purchased a magazine of dreams from [get out|Bulldog News]. He was [Men who cry after sex|forced to be the editor]. Some would be [yes, you can break a penis|judged unreal] and some would be judged real, for tonight. On the cover was a [siLly|picture] of her. [What is the normal size of a penis? Is my penis big enough?|Everyone]'s dreams started with that. We would get back to their [Masturbation FAQ|dreams later]. [How does a woman masturbate?|Dreamy] smiled a goofy grin at [Destiny]. [some advice on girls by a girl : the simple stuff|"See how my own job is," Dreamy taunted.] [Lucid].


Fate had watched a movie called [Return to Neverland]. It was [Neverland|innocent and wise] at the same time. There, a little scientist and realist learned to fly with a little faith, trust, and [I Won't Grow Up|pixie dust]. The [Peter Pan|power] locked away deep within her was unleashed. It was [never-never land|her power of creativity and true courage]. The game was easy, as it should be, [That and some pixie dust will get you to Never-Never Land|for all Our children]. We knew exactly who the [That and a quarter gets you a 25 cent cup of coffee|Dungeon Master] was - it didn't take long for Us to figure it out. Fate suggested to the seventh daughter that she, Gandalf, and Candle go see [peyote|the world the next day]. He hoped they would be [mescaline|excited and enthusiastic].


Fate had bought Candle five articles of clothing in and around [The Doors of Perception|the creation of parks with the help of Eden, Teardrop, and Candle]. Outside the park hunt, Candle would soon receive a [Aldous Huxley|cap of protective memories], a [Brave New World|top of power], a [1984|symbol of uniqueness], a [Nineteen Eighty-four|script of family connections], and a [Looks like 1984 was only n years off|visor of multi-colored creativity].


Back to [Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia|Dream's dreams and knight mares]. A humorous image of [lavAzza] plastered over a nice body. A rapid collage of [America has always accepted Presidents cheating on their wives|silliness no one cared about]. A beautiful jewel in [Why are some guys assholes?|the eye of a tranquil storm]. [an email from my ex-boyfriend|Buns jiggling]. [How I attacked a woman on the subway|An exit] to the future, to Never Land, with Peter Pan. [How do you get a Goth out of a tree?|A discussion of the present.] Eden was ready to kick Fate over [Hello. My name is c--- and I am a recovering goth.|dealing with timelines again]. Teardrop was apathetic - [goin out for a walk now|she saw it all already]. [should I capitalize it like that in the node title?|Candle flickered with giggles]. More silliness from [jpfed|Eden]. Fate was [But I'm just level 2. what do I|envious]. Lightning gave [TenMinJoe|Eden] away and Candle scored. [Warning Signs That Your Child May Be A Goth|She had red hair]. [Crimson]. Ten swans flew in formation and each person [came] calmly out of sleep with the phrase: [Le Peuple Migrateur]. [thanks for the input guys|The people migrate]. The following was [pan-sexual|the formation]:
        courtney       sheryl
     mariah          monica
  natalie           brandy

every night the moon is yours
but [wishing i was there|when the morning comes]
i ll say i love you
i ll say i need you
i really do think thats fair

[look at me, i just learnt what the and tags do]

[Life Burst|She] was as uplifting as a [Elysian Park|mystic's dreams]. They wandered [Seattle|the city] together. [Spirit Flare|She] used here spirit to [flash against reality|flare against all rivals]. They left [the multiverse|town]. [Krosan Avenger|Her] reputation was as fearsome as [Anyone could know just by watching her silent moves|her mercy and her hips]. The [Washington|current state] they would return to later. She was the [cartographer] for the entire nation. [Dry Humping In Public|Finding the way once is luck.] Finding the way twice takes [dry humping|a good map].


In [Carrion rats|the rest] of the continent, she was delighted to find [grinding|competition and new challenges]. [hydromorph guardian|She] recruited loyal bodyguards for [rites of passage|their trip to other continents]. [Longhorn Firebeast|Their inner circle] fused with their bodyguards as [senior skip day|they explored the oceans]. [Senior Ditch Day|The entire planet] was theirs [Kamahl's Desire|for the taking and exploring]. [organ grinder|She] knew [Zerotime tickles people|what made him tick]. [bluebird_is_sad doesn't want to be alone right now|They each knew] how to [gravegouger|stop his concentration]. Memories were their playthings, [Gritchka reads laughably bad porn|as was history]. She was the center of his growing dream, [How to Screw With People's Heads At The Mall|mysteriously uplifting].


The [M|first] was himself. The [x|second] was approximately his age, very well developed chest, sophisticated, enabling, humorous. She knew [50 Fun Things to do in a Mall|where her towel was]. The second was [a woman wouldn't be stupid enough to do this|his peer]. The [o|third] was approximately the correct height, perfect limbs, cheerful exterior, calculating and thoughtful. [Things you can't do at the swimming baths|Her belt was slung loosely around her waist]. The third was [In a family of two children, of which one is a boy, what are the odds the other is a boy as well?|at home]. The [*|fourth] was all the others combined; if it weren't for him, it was for them. [Monty Hall problem problem|She made him forget, she made him remember.] She knew [Gritchka waves all gracious like|exactly what he wanted]. She was looking for [Monty Hall Problem|his hat]. The fourth was [Monty Hall Problem Solution|never the ]end.
Paradise, [sacrifice], [mortality], [reality].
But the [magician] is quicker and his [game]
Is much thicker than [blood] and blacker than ink
And there's [no time] to think.
     [Roninspoon|Bob Dylan], "[Before the quiet dawn rose]"

[caught up in the clouds, soaked with beautiful tears|the square root of -1]

Three fates and two angels sang "[Happy Together]" to Teardrop's representative. [Where the planets have no name|The card bore no name], but she knew exactly who it was from. Fate's representatives were well linked into the [marine colonies|continuum]. Ringbearer arrived just in time to see [ginger|the wrap up]. The three fates and two angels carried on bringing [technology|love] to the [present|world]. [Cupid] held on to his crown jealously on this [second|day]. [space and time|We] winked at him. [Eros] decided to let the cat out of the bag. It was a [sunshine|kitten].


At lunch, Candle's representative commanded that food be taken at [Pasta Ya Gotcha] in [Building 4]. Also following Fate were Ruddy as [Mutual Brainwashing|War], Mathematician as [Replicators|Famine], Godmade as the illusion of [Genetic Nanotech|Death], and the sky blue knight as [Twilight|himself]. We watched the six with interest until they noticed the perfect sky was [opened|torn]. It was [eventually|almost] breathtaking...zzzZZZEEEnnn...

i am waiting for you
 i can see you
   i am touching your face
      but it is not enough
         there is greater beauty
            in this world
              and you are in
                why do you taunt me so
                perhaps junkpile and theonomist should be made gods instaed?
              shall we do a sine wave together
            was the wave invented in seattle
         let me show you something new
       Siobhan gigglez some more and hands call some nicolas...
      a early turning point
      you may think this makes no sense
       but you will
          i mean ship
           i mean publish
            no ship it
             no publish it
               quit toying with me already
                jaubertmoniker: (unfounded speculation)--

[Will you marry me?]

Fate turned on the light and [Why I date geeks|it hummed a tune]. His pen bubbled over and [I love you|gurgled]. [I Think I Love You|The band played on]. Cliches [I've been using everything for a month and nobody hates me|came out of his pen] like water. He listened carefully to Candle and heard his [Does General Wesc have military authority over CaptainSpam?|refridgerator]. [Ohm]mmmm.....


A moon and a star lay [Keep Everything2 Non-IE Compatible|separated outside a window]. One was the audience, [Fondue's Front Page Message (put it there or die)|one was the ham]. [E2 characters|A cat] sat near a TV: "Of all the places in the world I like... I like being in your arms the best!" "Yes," Candle said to Fate, "where else in the [HTML entity|world] can I feel warmer than in your arms?" Was it a [character entities|rhetorical question or a challenge]? The [Some special characters|both of them] chuckled. Today, [Why checking user input from web forms is important|I made a wish] on my wishing star, we would make it come true together. I love you, think [about|you]. It was dated [Anna Begins|February 14, 2002].

Fate [watching people sleep|reached out into Candle's dreams] and cradled her. Her mind flashed and she became the focal point of [Conversations of a deaf man|an explosion that wiped away all her pain and suffering]. She was already [Sorry, I can't hear what you say|wise enough] to know how to give herself a new birth. It was now time to [SMS|play]. For 865 years, she would not need renewal, starting in [Junk that I keep in my outgoing folder of my mobile phone, waiting for me to SMS it to some poor sod|2001]. The next scheduled maintainence period would be in the year 2866 - [The two most popular items people consume immediately prior to having sex with the prostitutes who live downstairs from me|twin gods share a pair of love]. [I live above a whorehouse|We thought it was a card game]. Trump...

[On Her Majesty's Secret Service]

Eden, meanwhile had [the ultimate snack in the universe|missions of his own], but they were no match for the power he wielded with Teardrop. In the lands of [Rochester], Candle too had flown into the future, to [2010], to find her love. They met over the telephone, as they discussed methods of [the cold vastness of the galactic spin|technical assumption]. They allowed [Walter and ascorbic|cars to be built] once more. Candle and Fate clicked [More Like Space|like the buttons of their spacecraft]. [we are all particles of stardust held together by angels|Snapped and held together]. They tapped their [ruby slippers|shoes] together and wished they were home in each other's arms. The [Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.|sap] runneth over from [karfung|the maple tree], [ascorbic|dropity drip], [call|plipity plop].


Fate would draw something to get people to care about each other more, like friends, family, and [time|space] [luggage|tourists].
Turtle On the Web
  Plodding Along
    Looking For the Future
     Where Can It Be
     Another Turning Point
    On the Volleyball Net
  We Headed to the Edge
Maybe one day I'll reach true [ascetism] and dissipate into the void =)
[Wish you were here]. [P.S. I love you.]

[The summer after high school|Forget Me Not]

Fate travelled [Time keeps on slippin' into the future|8 years into the future] to 2/13/2010. He would [fake the future|report back to his loved ones] through [frowning on external links, then smiling, then bouncing them a little|a special temporal link]. He visited [Colony Woods], a construction of [Eden] and [Teardrop] at [Fryed|13]th Place. The [vision|windows] faced [California and Arizona|southwest]. It was excellent but not enough to tempt [Destiny|him]. [If she were an insect, she'd be a moth in search of a flame|An insect moved.] Gnat. It was [The Lost Caws|a lost cause].


At noonday, a fifth [AD&D rule books|horseman] was added. Fate once again provided the [secrets of revelations|horses]. EDB, Ruddy, and Ringbearer also rode with [Revelation of John the Theologian|him]. [We rode the subway that day|Godmade and Mathematician rode separately.] The fifth and seventh member was from the same tribe as EDB, the [exploration|tribe] of [Andromeda|life]. [Two Guys From Andromeda|He too] carried with him a ring of marriage. He could use it with [Carry on Camping in Space|great gusto]. They [were tourists of life|laughed with us]. Fate, in purest apathy, taught them [accelerated spacetime travel|the ways of denial]. They ran Oasys upon itself and set forth [science fiction to fantasy|a circular chain of clock watching]. [Future of passion|Eden laughed fanatically.] We returned via [jaubertmoniker|a different loop].

[history is not just for the past, but for the future]

[The Inevitable Fate of The Goonies 2|Fate celebrated]. He cheered [black triangle|his lamp], [Black Sabbath|his radio], [Natalie Imbruglia], and [Men in Black|his black pen]. [Gong]. [He stretched out his arms but she was not there|It was His I]. Fate refocused on [History]: M, x, o, *. [Honey, we gots to clean up.|Who led whom?] It was [mutual brainwashing] at its finest. [kindness|Kin or dness]? [Jack Handy] became God. Fate was [serious putty|serious]. No [kiddy]. [you'll be fine in half an hour|No kidding either]. [Really]. [with sugar on top|Really and truly]. [insanefuzzie|Jack Handy] grinned back. [Eden] sighed. [Xamot] needs a new talk button. [neurofen plus is the strongest over the counter codeine product available]. refocused on History: Did it really happen? [I hope you never lose your sense of wonder|Is it happening again for the 1018th time?] Let's assume it already happened, whatever [Nurofen Plus|It] means to You. Fate [literally pay the rent|turned the page]...


And his [hopes|memories] were [a starship|wiped clean]. Fate and Candle [laughed privately|giggled inanely] at the rest of us. We could see Her laughing through [spacetime|the lamp] again. What [electricity|a shocker]. Nothing much happened other than a Miracle of Love. Words turned [objective|visible], [subjective|invisible], but to Fate, this was just another sign that the dance of [adventure|magic] was beginning to lead the dance of [exploration|science]. The fundamental [warp drive|assumptions] built on top of [chronology|one another]. [drownzsurf|Science] and [Impartial|magic] had converged the day [Augusta|You] were born.


Fate turned on the light thinking of the day he first met [Neil Gaiman's Death]. He had been depressed that day, but [The High Cost of Living] really turned him around. [Have you ever wondered|It was a mere comic book.] [God was never trapped in one book|He would have a Gaiman collection someday]. Candle looked over his shoulder and [suggested that he add that little planet over there|smiled secretly to herself]. She was there that day, on the very pages of [TOasterLeavings|the comic book] that appeared in writing as Fate read it. Drawing a version of herself just as Fate was drawing himself too, without knowing it. They [danced til tomorrow].
[Teiresias] hands out [Viagra] to the gods.
It was a moment of natural beauty and reflection that he wished he could share with [Candle|her]. The landscape was breathtaking, and [Impartial|the artist] was in awe of [Demeter|his teacher]. [It wasn't a painting].


Indian [gnome]s came to visit Fate yesterday, but he shrugged them off with [phasers|gifts] of their own [free will|choosing]. Their illusions became real and [dannye|they] wandered off singing to [evilrooster|themselves]. At lunch, Fate, [Godmade], and [Mathematician the Gray] invited and finally succeeded in inviting [Absolute Power] to come with them. He was a half-gnome, half-elf. He had on a [rainbow] [sweater]. The four formed a loop of their own, a circle that [Bill Gates] pointed to. The null pointer at the end of the linked list was diverged to point to a [constellation|loop of four]. A link in the chain of command that [round universe|went around and came around]. It was the type of feedback we wanted to keep [joyous|positive].


Near the edge. Molten bombs. [Franck Tessier]. Deeper into this crater. A paradise perched on the edge of disaster. Clear as a visionary's painting. Tessier and [Margaritis] peer. Tearing through two thick layers of lava. Tension. At that moment I became infected. The reality is in my eyes. "My bones hurt from sleeping on stones. I don't care. It's too exciting to live inside a volcano." [mblase|Local porters] were funny. A rumbling [long|booooom] fills the pit and rolls across the sculpted ash plain beyond. "You have to be addicted to {starfire|take a risk like that]." he should know.


[Fate, Eden, Teardrop|The tribunal] thanked Candle profusely for [Mary|her time]. November 2000, [ToasterLeavings|National Geographic]. Carsten [M|Earth] and Donovan [M|Word] at the meeting of the fire mountain. [wisdom|Candle] winked back sweetly [her eyes are a blue million miles|with galaxies in her eyes].

[minimal pair]

Fate [Ragnarok Online|reached for the light switch] and turned. There was [Ragnarok|light]. It was almost [black horse men and women|4]. He would soon be on [the last page of the internet|the last page of this notepad]. The [eschaton|channel] would soon be changed. Work and play converged on [Omega Point|one person]. [We're on our way to being GODS!|Fate smiled at us.] [Walk like you're a sex goddess|The light was the warmest white.] [101 people I would use my Q powers to lay|Halogen particles flew and rebounded across the room], faster than even [durbin]s.


Fate wrote [Maiko Yuki|onwards]. Last night, he attended [Asian girls|a crowded celebration] with the infinity man. He peered through his glasses at [smart girls are sexy|his world beneath his fingers]. The crowd was [i'm not as stupid as my beauty would lead you to believe|packed, friendly, warm]. Fate however only caught [Good girls who look like bad girls|brief glimmerings of light] among the participants and was soon bored to sleepiness. The drow ate [Clean as a virgin's honeypot|on]. Fate himself [Virginity, my loss of|ate far too much]. He was ready to [two virgins about to have sex|explode]. The infinity man saw [The future of Sex|straight into the souls of everyone present]. [what do codependents say after sex?|They sparkled, like Eternity.]


[I didn't have many toys when I was little, so I had to find other ways to amuse myself|Fate had lunch with other drow, like him], that afternoon. One of Teardrop's representatives introduced him to [The Art Of Insulting - Chapter X - Indirect Insults|a dwarven member of Eden's tribe]. She was reaffirmed as a [Red Dwarf Drinking Game|dwarf as well]. They were ready to finally exchange their [past defences|axes] for [twilight|chopsticks]. [The Future|Fate's older brother] [assumed|invented] a new restaurant at [Redmond Town Center]. It was called [You use chopsticks very well|Golden Chopsticks]. [Sumimasen, yabanjin desu|His older brother was awarded] the flag of creation.

[A Chinese flag|Flag of Creation]: wave it, new visions wherever the cloth passes over, the stem represents [Once and Future World|the path to the future], grip it with both hands and shake. [timequake|Quake]. It was time. 6:00 AM. [King Philip Came Over for Good Soup|The radio just came on.]

A thread of [chopsticks|water] ran through the consciousness of everyone at lunch, like a threaded stream, an ethernet. Word passed down from the [three women|Fates] on one end to the [three men|fates] on the other, in the center passing between two [pairs of five men and women|selves] and [Canadian four|the board]. [intersections|Wormholes] were created by [thinking|talking] too loudly. Eden appeared with [reholy water|a squirt gun] and baptised everyone. His [soul|shadow] danced in the [candle|electric] light. It was [The sun was caught playing unashamedly in her auburn hair, setting our world on fire with giddiness|a baptism of fire]. [When she was new, she rolled around the sky like a black umbrella blown by the wind|Black like the sun].

[Black holes are where God divided by zero]

Fate wandered into [A Tribe Called Quest|the clutches of Gandalf's tribe]. They smiled at each other knowingly. The [The Origins of Chess|chess match] raged on for another minute. Fate turned [deep hack mode|overwhelming mode] on, like thus: "&override=y". He considered who was providing the positive feedback loops between [music dazzled my eyes|his hands and his eyes]. Who was providing the positive feedback loops between [I can't hear you. I have a banana in my ear.|his ears and his consciousness]. The South Pole dwarves were [Struggle at the South Pole|ransacking the North Pole donut shops]. [coffee elves|Police elves panicked] and fled in terror ;)


Candle was unhappy, but [Do the math!|Fate knew exactly what to do] about it. It would be a match of [Simple rules for dating one of my daughters|Atari Chess]. [Mambo #5|Candle was feeling chatty], so he followed her. She suggested he visit a coffee shop with a notebook, 2 pens, and [Britney Spears|other assorted coffee shop style things]. It was [Your basic coffee shop menu|a room full] of smoke and dialogue she knew by heart. She would be a [Walking proudly in the streets that are your own|prole].


Candle and Fate were once [Fit and Working Again|again working as angels]. She was a rose, he [ten milk bottles|a trumpet flower, an onion, milk in a bottle]. Fate planned [a scavenger hunt|what they would do] when they met. Quests of [Yukon Quest|reflection], [Chex Quest|sprees], and [Creation Records|creation]. The [scavenger hunt] was on.


[Write your own ticket|Something old]. [Something new]. [Magneto's Creator|Something borrowed]. [Teardrop's Creator|Something blue]. Fate from the Past met Candle's representative, [no more bad future|the Future in the Present]. [Bad tippers in restaurants|Teardrop giggled]. Candle nodded knowingly, [Never knowingly miss The Simpsons.|wistfully]. She was [And She Was|adorable], [she was tougher than I gave her credit for|sexy].


Fate just finished speaking to Eden on the phone. They discussed stuffed animals. [The Bear Song|Oinky the bear.] Chopper the [chimp]. [Tao]Tao the dog. Flaky the bear.

Eden dubbed himself the center of boredom.

Fate helped. All who approached could not help but be [revolve]d, bored, and converted. Was life really that [boring]? [I gave her two daisies. This is how I met your mother.|Candle could put a stop to that.] Eden was creative director while Fate programed. The world was boring but there was beauty if you go and look for it. Candle smiled sweetly, and suggested a black hole sun, to [wash away the rain]. [I was throwing around useless proverbs when all she needed was to be held and told that she was beautiful|She was unique in all of creation.] Herself. A retired goddess now occasionally working and learning to be an angel.

[Dungeon Master]

Fate called forth his tribe last night and talked to [gray physicist|Gandalf], [Candle], and [blue female|the seventh daughter]. [Before they knew it, they were involved in a kiss that lit the future.|They talked of the day before.] They had gone to the market and purchased [one piece of clothing rule|a checker board piece of clothing]. Black and white - all [powers|colors] and [the shadow|no colors] simultaneously. A new kind of power was granted to Candle: optional membership in Gandalf's tribe whenver she chooses. The other elder, the seventh daughter, continued to wear a [strobe light|light blue pastel]. [to each his own|Fate redrew his own checker board]:

 [7th Daughter|7D]   [F8|M]    [Candle|*]
It reminded him of [Nintendo] controllers. A T-bar. [M|Mario] and [E|Luigi] gave one another a high five.


Fate had found his and Candle's representatives at [International Action Center|Redmond Town Center] last night. They came in the form of threes, like [She's NOT my sister!|the sisters of Fate]. [When he wasn't busy whupping Lenin at chess, Arthur was falling in love with Trotsky's secretary.|He could not look away]. Candle grinned. He did not stay at [Borders] long. The sisters wore [red, green, and blue] and their shared husbands brought with them [Shania Twain|five children]. [The Small House at Allington|Faith] also appeared with golden hair. [Tall Cool One|One tall], one short, one of Fate's height. [Exact]. Fate [loading the dice of fate|stiffened] and smiled. The connection was unbroken.


[Sisters and Daughters|Fate assigned Gandalf and the seventh daughter to Teardrop's tribe] and yet they were in his own at the same time. A dark blue like the ink from [that|this] pen.


Fate had gone up to the mountain and [I found another of your secrets.|found Sparks Road]. There he [exchanged greetings with Death and Dream|granted gifts and received advice and direction]. He would attempt [Ranier] today. The [ironic|scavenger hunt] yesterday led him to his office to write a [mind|film] reading program of immense proportions. It graded residents, it remembered the departed, it brought them back, it retold the stories of [Heralds of Galactus|Icarus] and [Flight of Icarus|Galactus]. It was the intersection of many realities and unrealities. [LIMITED_REALITY] was left defined at the end to get around [assumptions|bugs] in the system's memory management. Candle and [Perfection|Natalie] winked at each other and Fate threw up his hands to head towards Redmond Town Center. The state of Washington rose to become the [Fear of sunrise among party people|first among crossroads]. We would [Find the Others|find others someday]. Together.


Fate thought of the parents' argument in [In the Bedroom] and realized the connection shared by those of the same gender closest to one another and [Same props, different stage|the different melds] in those of different genders. Would there be three genders? Gandalf laughed, rolled up his sleeves, and stretched his fingers. [Lament for Gandalf|We rooted him on]. This world may never know his [mystery|fate] ;)
[The Life and Times of a Sleepy Student]

[Fate] was angry at [Candle]. He abandoned her. Of his own [free will]. Fate killed himself. He also allowed other people to kill him [at the same time]. He would show you what [The True Believer|True Frustration] meant. And [Boredom Tastes Like Chocolate|True Boredom]. [How many times has God twiddled his thumbs before he put vertebrates on the Earth?|He put a mirror in his pocket]. [Green Medusa|Medusa flinched]. [book that changed my life|The radio changed subjects].

Fate would try to truly [Play For Today|remember to play at work today]. It wouldn't be easy. He left early, it just wasn't [It's not so much that I like him as a person God, but as a boy he's very handsome|as much fun as he imagined].

Fate went to see a film called [Leave the economics out of the bedroom|In the Bedroom]; it was yet another episode of directing alone while channeling others. [The first time I saw him was I emit tsal ehT|Candle was not truly with him]. He didn't enjoy it much. He looked for her in [Conway's life|Conway's Game of Life] until the web page loaded. Life settled down:

                o o
                o o
          xx           **
[Forest] x  x         *  * [Fire]
          xx           **
                M M
                M M


[He Got Game|He decided to end the game]. [Four Tops] were blown off. We listed and honored the legends once again. Fate picked up a [discard] deck. Eden picked up a massively green [creature] deck. Teardrop held on tightly to her pure blue deck of [denial]. Candle laughed innocently and [burned] her red deck of chaos. She was declared the winner. We [twinkled|winked] at each other.

Our audience this morning was [Dreaming My Dreams With You|the entire realm of dreams]. We got off our horses and started walking. Two pairs. [Sisters and Brothers|A pair of brothers, a pair of sisters.] The future? Well, Fate left the white wizard to be created by the combination of Eden, Teardrop, and Candle. The white wizard [flickered|twinkled] at himself, temporarily. He stepped on us and we were [ground into the sky like stars], flickering. Fate blew gently and each and every candle wavered, went out, and relighted, [one by one]. [Two men enter, one man leaves|Gandalf the One and Only] laughed maniacally and all was dark.


[If a geek.boy wrote poetry to his geek.girl...|A lone boy wrote alone in his room.] He had a pen and a notepad. A [guiding light|halogen lamp] lighted his way.