The Palette

The four corner buttons reset the controls to four different pre-settings (and clear the screen). By mouse painting in the middle, many of controls are interpolated to values between the pre-set values associated with the four corner buttons.

There are four control bars on each side. Their colors indicate the last corner button chosen. Their values are shown in your Java Console whenever you change them. They are [clockwise from the leftmost bar on the top side]:
Cohesion Causes maximum repetition at full length, and maximum variation at shortest length.
Key Changes the key (based on its value modulo 12).
Scale Changes between six distinct settings. From shortest to longest, they are: a major scale, a more consonant major scale, a more consonant minor scale, a minor scale, a pentatonic scale, and a more minor pentatonic scale.
Tempo The shorter this control is, the faster the tempo.
Rhythm Consistency The longer this control is, the more regular the rhythm becomes.
Rhythm Density The shorter this control is, the sparser the rhythm.
Rhythm Length The longer this is, the longer the rhythmic period.
Consonance The shorter this is, the more dissonant the current layer becomes.
Pitch Direction The longer this is, the more the notes of the current layer will go up in pitch.
Instrument This changes the instrument used for the current layer. The results depends on the instrument sounds available.
Active This has two settings, long and short. Short turns the current layer off. Long turns it back on. Layer #0 cannot be turned off.
Rhythm Style One of four transformations on the current layer's rhythm. From shortest to longest, they are: (0) a steady beat, (1) beats fall between the beats of the normal rhythm, (2) a rhythm of a different period, and (3) no transformation.
Rhythm Style Argument Depending on Rhythm Style, this control has the following effects:
(0) The shorter this is, the faster the steady beat.
(1) At half length, beats fall exactly halfway between normal beats. At quarter length, beats fall a quarter of the way to the next normal beat. At full length, beats are delayed to the following normal beat.
(2) The longer this is, the longer the period.
(3) Not used.
Change / Rate of Mutation The longer this is, the more the controls will mutate themselves.
Pitch Center This higher this is, the higher the pitches of the current layer.
Layer Changes the current layer to the one displayed in your Java Console. This control can be used to add layers, by adjusting it to maximum length. Newly added layers are not yet active (see the Active control).
Note: When your Java Console indicates that the current layer is -1, then all layers are affected when you change layer specific controls. The control values shown during this time are for layer #0.