Piano Solos
© 1985 Narada Productions, Inc.


|Forest Edge| 1 Leaves on the Seine 4.12

2 Nightfall 7.11

3 Faces of the Forest 9.57

4 Courage of the Wind 7.29

5 Water from the Moon 5.34

6 Song for Monet 8.43

Nightfall was recorded on a Yamaha C-7 piano using a stereo pair of Sony C-37 microphones and a Neumann U-87 microphone placed for natural ambience. The master was recorded direct to 2-track at 30 IPS on an Ampex ATR-100.

Recorded October, 1984 at Kaye-Smith Productions, Seattle, WA
Produced by Paul Speer and David Lanz
Engineered by Reed Ruddy
Cover photography by Alan Magayne-Roshak
Design by John Morey and Barbara Richardson