Some of the greatest music ever made.


Amazing stuff from Moodswings - hard to describe without making it seem less than it is.

Passion by Peter Gabriel. Decidedly different from most of his other albums. Dark, moody, and completely spell-binding.

|The City|
Vangelis. Oscar-winning score writer for movies such as Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, and 1492.

|MCMXC A.D.| |The Cross of Changes|
Covers to two of Enigma's albums. Vocals and rhythms, meshing the primitive and techno.

David Lanz, amazingly beautiful, yet simple compositions performed primarily on the acoustic piano. You don't need a lot of frills to make moving music. From Narada.

Described as sheer sonic beauty by popular magazines. If there's one artist you should not miss, it's Enya.

|Le Parc|
Tangerine Dream... Decades of work, spanning many styles and tastes.

Album cover to December, by George Winston, an excellent collection of solo piano pieces.


Other Music Sites

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