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|News from outside the capitalist bureaucracy.|
The Mid-Atlantic Infoshop: There's no government like no government.

|The term `illegal` never appeared in connection with Israeli settlements despite their illegality almost universally confirmed by international diplomatic and legal bodies such as the United Nations, and state governments, including that of the United States.|
Palestine: Conquerors exasperated by the indocility
of the conquered.

|Last week's directions from the US govt also resulted in the declaration that the labour unions in mines & oil fields (all 100% USA-owned) were now illegal.|
Ecuador: Government for, of, and by oligarchies and bankers.

|The flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag. I wouldn`t go to war again as I have done to defend some lousy investment of the bankers.|
Foreign policy: I'm not being cynical. I'm just
awake now.

|two of three in the assassination of Archbishop Romero; three of five in the rape and murder of four U.S. churchwomen; ten of twelve for the El Mozote massacre of 900 civilians; over 100 of 246 for atrocities in Colombia|
Georgia: Advanced human rights training at
Ft. Benning.

|the Times demonstrated more concern for Iran`s constitutional system during the single month of August 1953 [when the U.S. was moving to `save` it by a military coup] than it would during the following quarter of a century|
Iran: Profit before democracy.
Or else.

|American efforts were concentrated on inducing the Chilean military to stage a coup and then cancel the congressional vote altogether.|
Chile: If elections can't be bought, they must be taken.

|When I was little, I pictured martyrs as heroic figures in a world far beyond my own.|
El Salvador: Death to the Freedom Fighters.

|Since 1987, over 2,500 trade union activists and leaders have been murdered... there is no indication that any perpetrators of the alleged acts of violence against trade union officials and members have been arrested, tried and sentenced.|
Colombia: $1.6 billion worth of assassinations, disappearances, and torture.

|The well-documented belief by the army that the entire Ixil Indian population is pro-EGP has created a situation in which the army can be expected to give no quarter to combatants and non-combatants alike.|
Guatemala 1966-96: Our tax dollars at work.

|School of the Americas: Honor Roll|
Argentina: When killing teachers, writers, doctors, and artists is not enough.

|Democracy of Dollars|
Before the election: candidates for candidacy.

|When democracy ends at the workplace|
People like you and me standing up for themselves around the world.

|lay off publishing anything about the visit of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights... Do so and you're a dead man|
Peru: Young protesters invading dictator Fujimori's palace.

|members of parliament and the senators in Brazil come from the landed gentry and aristocracy|
Brazil: Mourning assassinations and feeding children.

|American Anarchists|
Chicago: Words that led to May Day observances around the world.

|Patriots Below, rosSellouts Above|
Puerto Rico: Government violence backing privitization program.

|no decent roof over our heads...no right to freely and democratically choose our leaders...no justice for ourselves or our children...we are the millions of dispossessed|
Mexico: The people of

|Support the GNP, Buy Early, Buy Often|
Capitalism and the consumer culture.

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