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i thought i was a liberal until i discovered democratic socialism
i thought i was a democratic socialist until i discovered histadrut unionism
i thought i was a histadrut unionist until i discovered anarchy

Lawful Good: Creatures of lawful good alignment view the cosmos with varying degrees of lawfulness or desire for good. They are convinced that order and law are absolutely necessary to assure good, and that good is best defined as whatever brings the most benefit to the greater number of decent, thinking creatures and the least woe to the rest. Lawful Evil: Obviously, all order is not good, nor are all laws beneficial. Lawful evil creatures consider order as the means by which each group is properly placed in the cosmos, from lowest to highest, strongest first, weakest last. Good is seen as an excuse to promote the mediocrity of the whole and suppress the better and more capable, while lawful evilness allows each group to structure itself and fix its place as compared to others, serving the stronger but being served by the weaker.
Chaotic Good: To the chaotic good individual, freedom and independence are as important to life and happiness. The ethos views this freedom as the only means by which each creature can achieve true satisfaction and happiness. Law, order, social forms, and anything else which tends to restrict or abridge individual freedom is wrong, and each individual is capable of achieving self-realization and prosperity through himself, herself, or itself. Chaotic Evil: The chaotic evil creature holds that individual freedom and choice is important, and that other individuals and their freedoms are unimportant if they cannot be held by the individuals through their own strength and merit. Thus, law and order tends to promote not individuals but groups, and groups suppress individual volition and success.
wisdom where one is not expected to look
gary gygax, dungeon masters guide, ©1979
tsr games, random house, inc.

...the defense of the revolution must be the responsibility of a workers militia, organized and controlled by the workers' mass organizations, not an army or guerrilla force controlled by a minority, such as a political party.
Excellent and concise statement of principles from the Workers Solidarity Alliance, particularly the Direct Action and Workers' Self-Defense sections. More on direct action from the IWW.

|Wage Slavery| suppose the victim has multiple kidnappers. They give her a choice; either she can have sex with one of them (she chooses which one) or she can starve to death. The fact that she is allowed to choose her rapist clearly does not amount to consent; it is merely a choice between a number of situations that are all still fundamentally involuntary. Since there is no consent, this is still rape.
Is capitalism freedom? Is slavery freedom? In the future, philosophical debates like this would seem so simplistic that they would be hardly worth having, but because we are living in the midst of pro-capitalist propaganda today, we have to put up with people who attempt to argue that capitalism somehow means freedom.

|Lucy| A bomb was thrown at police during the Haymarket riot. Although Albert Parsons was not even present, he was indicted and convicted for his alleged participation... Albert Parsons was hanged along with the other Haymarket martyrs... Lucy Parsons' belief in justice and in the necessity for revolution was confirmed... What was most striking about this heretofore forgotten heroine was the depth of her courage. Lucy Parsons was undaunted by physical abuse by the police, undeterred by vile threats from thugs, or by malicious lies in the Chicago newspapers. She cried in despair over the dead body of her husband Albert in 1886. After that, she never shed another tear.
And you thought your government would never even think of censorship? A woman more dangerous than a thousand rioters, and for that reason, Lucy Parsons is now but a figment in the shattered memory of our collective consciousness.

|Red Emma| Necessity knows no law, and the starving man has a natural right to a share of his neighbor's bread... Ask for work. If they do not give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take bread.
Some write about political philosophy, some live it. Emma Goldman, the saint of the poor, silenced, demonized, jailed, deported, died of malnutrition, defiant and courageous to the end.

|MST| Before occupation the Fazenda S�o Joaquim (2.835 hectares) in the municipality of Teixeira Soares, Paran? had 1 family, no crops, 2 horses, 10 acres of pasture. The owners were absentees and lived in Curitiba. After the occupation by landless peasants and without receiving any help from the government, 107 families now live on the fazenda. In 1994 they produced 20,000 sacks of corn, 1.100 sacks of beans, 600 sacks of rice. At present they have 530 cows, 600 pigs and 80 sheep while 30 houses, a primary school and a health centre have been built.
The Landless Peasants' Movement in Brazil hosted by Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi at great personal risk to themselves and their reputation. Liberation theology - what Christianity should have been and could still be...

|Pierre-Joseph| "But," exclaim in loud chorus the whole respectable world,--bankers, merchants, manufacturers, and gentlemen of fortune,--"O base and dangerous Proudhon! we are not robbers; our consciences are clean; we fulfill the law, gain legal gains, and plunder no man. Wherefore, then, stir up the ignorant and hungry masses, who, understanding not a jot of thy transcendental notions, thy laws of contradiction and what not, will apprehend only that our comfort and luxury are not fairly earned and their hunger and privation not fairly brought upon them, and will rush with blind and bloody fury to despoil us of what is ours, kill us, and turn our children destitute into the street? Be silent with thy cry of ill omen, or we will proclaim thee a lunatic and a criminal, and put thee in prison while we have the power!"
Where it all started - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, far more popular than Marx at the time of the publishing of the Communist Manifesto, and among the first communists to be sent to jail simply for trying to start a bank. From the Anarchist Archive.

|The Holy Father| ...Two more factors have also tended to seriously destabilise the reform process: firstly, a scandalous series of forms of corruption, political subservience and collusion, leading to the granting of huge tracts of land to members of the ruling classes; and secondly, the presence of important foreign interests, concerned about the effects of any reform on their economic activities.
Just because organized religion has been wrong in the past, does that mean they are always wrong? Some laws are higher than the laws of nations. Towards a better distribution of land.

|chumba| If any ask us why we died. We tell them that our leaders lied. Sold us down the rivierside. Whose side are you on?
Need a little relaxing (or not so relaxing) music to listen to? Maybe a little Chumbawamba? You decide if they've sold out to EMI and are heading down the road to bubblegum anarchy, or if they are more accessible the better to corrupt your tender little minds with.

|infoshop| Real capital - the people, natural resources, and equipment needed to produce real goods - cannot be packed up in a bag when the capitalist skips town... What remains when the capitalists are gone are merely the people who are doing the work, and the means to do it.
News and opinions from The Mid-Atlantic Infoshop on capital flight, the NAIRU, and privatization.

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